"...Chris is Chief Photographer for our magazine. Ever since he joined us, the look of our magazine has really improved. He knows how to get under the skin of a subject to create pictures that speak volumes..."
Nick Peters, Managing Director, Business First Magazine

"...To say that everyone was impressed with the Tote Bag photographs would be an understatement. We were thrilled by them..."
Keith Elliott, Director, Wheeler and Oliver, Arundel

"We hired Chris for a corporate photoshoot to ensure a great range of high quality stock photos (of both people and product) were integrated into our new website & company re-launch. A most enjoyable day, Chris made sure everyone was relaxed and at ease - some fantastic results and would definately recommend to anybody in business selling quality products and services."
Mike Robinson, Owner, Euphoria Lifestyle Ltd

"A superb master photographer with a real knack for putting us and our clients at ease. Not just excellent with clients but in the background real expertise in editing techniques to provide stunning results which give our clients websites and design materials that something extra special."
Claire Love, Managing Director, LWS Creative

"...Chris is fantastic - I hate having my picture taken, however his personable approach made me feel at ease – Strongly recommended..."
Benjamin Bonetti, Brand Owner, Empower Your Life.co.uk

"...Chris's professionalism, character and pure passion for taking and making photos not only fun but a very important part of our business were sublime...a joy to work with..."
Daniel Clarke, Chef/Owner, RED Restaurants, West Sussex

Chris is a very personable guy & has a great work ethic. I found his rates to be extremely reasonable and his quality of service & attention to detail are fantastic. In short, I have no hesitation in recommending Chris and Innovation Images."
Andy Myles, Owner, Better By Myles

"Chris is extremely easy to work with. At a large party he was looked upon as being a guest - in spite of the fact that he was working! The results from the evening will be treasured for years to come."
Adam Marshall, Managing Director, Marshall Thomas Associates